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Midas Introduce New HDMI TFTs

  Published: 28/04/2021

Midas Displays are pleased to offer two new series within our ‘plug and play’ HDMI TFT display range: A 4.3” size, and an IPS 5.0”. Our range now features the following sizes: 4.3”, 5.0", 7.0", 10.1", and a 5.2" letterbox module.
The new 4.3” and 5.0” series have excellent IPS all-round viewing angles, up to 1000cd/m² brightness, and three touch options: non-touch, capacitive touch, and resistive touch.
With the addition of a Raspberry Pi SBC, the Midas Displays HDMI TFT display modules become a fully functional, easy-to-use monitor. The integrated interface PCB has a 40-pin GPIO interface and a standard 19-pin type-A HDMI interface connector, enabling direct connection of a Raspberry Pi SBC. The HDMI TFT modules can also easily be used with many other single board computers. These key features enable the HDMI TFT displays to be used with any external HDMI input source.
Paul Barton, technical director, Midas Displays said, "Our HDMI TFT display module product range has been designed and produced to meet the needs of engineers and developers in the embedded and industrial market sectors. Our key goals were to provide a simple yet versatile display solution that could be used with an external HDMI input source. The industry standard video interface HDMI is extensively supported on single board computers, personal computers, industrial equipment, and many other embedded applications. Enabling a 'plug and play' HDMI TFT display in a range of sizes and resolutions, coupled with a choice of touch-screen options, provides designers with an easy-to-use display solution that is ideal for prototyping and product development."
Midas Displays HDMI TFT series also supports interconnect solutions to enable enhanced connectivity of the Raspberry Pi to the HDMI TFT display module. A bespoke HDMI to HDMI interconnect board connects the HDMI output of the Raspberry Pi to the display mounted interface PCB, and a Type-A USB to Micro-B USB cable enables touch-screen functionality to be implemented.  
The HDMI TFT series has been very popular since the initial release in 2018, and Midas will continue to enhance the range in the future.

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