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Character RGB LCD Range

  Published: 16/02/2022

Midas Displays are pleased to offer a full range of character RGB LCDs. These displays have an appearance of black characters, on an RGB backlight, which allows the user to choose any single colour for the backlight. Midas initially released four options in 2021 and are pleased to offer a further 11 to complete the range of 15 displays.

LCDs are traditionally offered as one colour text, or graphic, on one colour background. These new displays give the user much more freedom with how the display will look in their application, as the backlight on these displays are full colour RGB. The ability to choose any single colour as the backlight at a time also gives the user the option to use the display to suggest status within an application, such as hot or cold.

Ben Halpin, Marketing Manager, Midas Displays said, “We are pleased to offer a full range of character RGB LCDs, after the initial success of the first four lines we released in early 2021. Midas have seen success with RGB backlight LCDs over many years, as our MCCOG128064B12W-FPTLRGB is one of our most popular backlit LCDs, and we identified an opportunity in the market to offer a comprehensive range of ‘any-colour’ backlight LCD displays. We strive to help our customers with the design-in of their products, and the RBG backlight ensures the customer is no longer fixed to a single colour background once they have purchased a certain display”.

Midas RGB backlight LCDs range from a 2x8 option, to a 4x40. There are several character sizes available, and a variety of module sizes. Most of this range have a parallel interface, but there is an SPI interface option in the 2x16 category. The displays in this range are all chip-on-board construction, making them easy to mount, and have both English, and Japanese, font sets.

Midas also offer number of graphic RGB backlight LCDs and expect to expand this range soon.

All character RGB LCDs are available direct through Midas, and smaller sample quantities can be purchased through distribution partner, Farnell. Our full list of character RGBs is below.

Midas Part Number                     Farnell Order Code                       Details
MD20805B6W-FPTLRGB              3813138                                          2 lines of 8, 5mm characters
MD21605A6W-FPTLRGB              3813139                                          2 lines of 16, 5mm characters
MD21605B6W-FPTLRGB              3813140                                          2 lines of 16, 5mm characters
MD21605D6W-FPTLRGB              3773191                                          2 lines of 16, 5mm characters
MD21605G6W1-FPTLRGBS          3759025                                          2 lines of 16, 5mm characters
MD21605G6W2-FPTLRGB            3759026                                          2 lines of 16, 5mm characters
MD21605H6W-FPTLRGB              3813141                                          2 lines of 16, 5mm characters
MD21609A6W-FPTLRGB              3813142                                          2 lines of 16, 9mm characters
MD22005A6W-FPTLRGB              3813144                                          2 lines of 20, 5mm characters
MD24005A6W-FPTLRGB              3813146                                          2 lines of 40, 5mm characters
MD41605A6W-FPTLRGB              3813143                                          4 lines of 16, 5mm characters
MD42004A6W-FPTLRGB              3773192                                          4 lines of 20, 4mm characters
MD42005C6W-FPTLRGB              3773193                                          4 lines of 20, 5mm characters
MD42008A6W-FPTLRGB              3813145                                          4 lines of 20, 8mm characters
MD44005A6W-FPTRLGB              3813147                                          4 lines of 40, 5mm characters

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Two positive days at Embedded World - exciting developments coming soon!

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