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Midas 12 Displays Of Christmas

  Published: 05/01/2021

12 days of Christmas? How about the 12 DISPLAYS of Christmas!?
This Christmas, the Midas team selected 12 displays from our comprehensive range and have promoted one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. A variety of products have been selected, which demonstrates the wide range of capabilities that Midas Displays have to offer. Some of the modules were chosen purely because they have interesting characteristics, whereas others were chosen due to their popularity with our customer base.
We hope you enjoyed this festive campaign, and had a very Merry Christmas and New Year. We are looking forward to working with you in 2021.
Display #1
MDT1010GIHC-HDMI (also known as MCT101HDMI-A-CTP)
  • ‘Plug and play’ with a Raspberry Pi
  • IPS all-round viewing angles
  • HDMI interface 
This display is part of our HDMI range, which have been hugely popular since being released in 2018. The ‘plug and play’ nature makes them very easy to use straight out of the box, and we offer a number of sizes, and accessories to complement them. This 10.1” CTP panel has recently been used in an EV charging applications.
Display #2
  • 2 lines of 16 characters LCD
  • English and European font sets
  • Chip-on-board construction for easy mounting 
These displays are a brilliant, cost effective solution where a simple display is required.
2 x 16 displays are commonly used in testing equipment.
Display #3
  • 0.96” Micro OLED
  • All-round viewing angles
  • Dual-colour: yellow and blue 
This display has been very popular since its release and is ideal for small medical applications. These have recently been used in oximeters.
Display #4
  • 4 lines of 20 characters LCD
  • English and Japanese font sets
  • Chip-on-board construction for easy mounting  
These displays are ideal for fire and security panels, which have specific sizing requirements for the display module.
Display #5
  • -30°C to +80°C Wide Temperature Range
  • 1000 cd/m² high brightness display
  • All-round viewing angles 
Ideal for parking meters, and vending machines. The high brightness on this display means that it can work well in outdoor applications.
Display #6
MDE029A Series
  • 2.9” E-Paper Display
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Display retains an image, even when power is switched off 
E-Paper technology is being used more often as the technology is developing. These 2.9” black and white displays have been used for shelf edge labelling.
Display #7
  • 0.84” Micro OLED
  • All-round viewing angles
  • High contrast appearance, white dots on a black background 
This product is ideal for wearable applications, such as a fitness tracker.
Display #8
  • 144 x 32 resolution
  • ST7920 controller
  • Built in English and Chinese fonts 
The ST7920 controller makes this a very interesting display, as it gives the ability to show characters and graphics simultaneously. 
Display #9
  • Built in flash memory, and buzzer
  • Capacitive touch panel
  • CAN Bus interface 
This smart display can work with various platforms, such as: MCU, computer, and SBCs including Raspberry Pi. The device is plug and play straight out of the box. Using the MDT0500DISC-CAN, the host can control up to 30 displays and show different images on each one. It is ideal for automotive applications.
Display #10
  • 4 lines of 20 characters OLED
  • All-round viewing angles
  • Chip-on-board construction for easy mounting 
Like the MC42005A6W-SPTLY-V2 featured in day 4, this OLED is ideal for fire and security panels due to its size. A customer may choose the OLED over the LCD if there is a need for increased visibility, which the OLED provides due to its higher contrast appearance and wide viewing angles.
Display #11
  • 240 x 128 Graphic LCD
  • Built-in 256 word character generator
  • RA6963 controller allows a combination of text-and-graphic modes
The controller in this display gives it some interesting capabilities. The RA6963 controller supports a very broad range of LCD formats by allowing a selection of different combinations of text-and-graphic modes, and includes various attribute functions. The display is ideal for use in medical applications.

Display #12
  • 128x64 chip-on-glass LCD
  • Parallel & SPI interface
  • RGB backlight allowing the user to choose any colour backlight 
Great for applications where you may need different colours to suggest positive or negative feedback, such as hot or cold. The RGB backlight allows the user to pick any colour, where most LCD displays come with just one backlight colour option. This LCD is one of our most popular displays.

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RGB LCDs are a cost effective solution for using colours, as well as text, to show system status. We will have many of these display demo's on show at our exhibitions this year, including our next one at @IFSEC in May. #RGBLCD #DisplaySolution

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8 weeks until our next exhibition We are looking forward to exhibiting at @IFSEC for the first time! We will have hundreds of display demos on display, with a focus on industrial fire & security applications #FireAndSecurity #DisplaySolution #DisplayTechnology

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ALERT!! ALERT!! What better way to tell everyone that we have some very exciting news to reveal in the next few weeks, than with this image of our fantastic 2x16 RGB LCD Watch this space #RGBLCD #DisplaySolution #Displays #MidasDisplays

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Two positive days at Embedded World - exciting developments coming soon!

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