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Displays Project Design Made Easier

  Published: 21/03/2018

Display Project Design Made Easier
The cost of new project feasibility and design becomes ever increasing, both in terms of time and money. Most new equipments designed today include man to machine interfacing, which inevitably includes some form of display.
The considerations are many, but include :
  • Which display technology
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Drive electronics
  • Suitability for the application/environment
  • Cost
  • Ease of prototype build
  • Ease of production build
  • Continuous update/improvement
Midas Displays recognise the necessity to shorten the project time, save costs for the customer, and make generally make the whole process easier.
Our UK based Engineering Team offer a range of services designed to achieve the above, and are available to offer assistance from our Great Yarmouth based offices .
  • Demonstration kits – Midas produce demonstrations of most of the available range.  This enables the Midas engineers to understand the technology, drive requirements, and interconnect issues of each display.
    These kits can then be shown to customers, on their own site, removing the necessity to buy multiple samples whilst reviewing available technologies and aesthetics. Often, customers find that viewing the multiple-choice demos available to them, changes their preconceived ideas of the type of display required
  • Once the display, or selection of, has been decided, customers can then purchase samples of the Midas display from one of several stocking distributors including Farnell element14, RS Components, and Rapid Electronics.
    Once samples are in-hand, Midas can supply the know-how on how to quickly get the display/s up and running, including initialisation code. 

  • To further save time for the customer, and ease the build of prototypes and pre/production units, Midas Displays have produced a comprehensive range of interface and driver boards, interconnect solutions, LED backlight drivers, and enhancement product/services such as cover glass, touchscreens, and optical bonding.
    Such products include our MCIB-11 and  MCIB-14 boards which allow TFTs to be driven via the HDMI output from Raspberry-Pi SBCs
  • The Midas Engineering Team are continuously developing leading edge interface and driver solutions to work alongside the most current processors and SBCs, to provide more simplistic plug and play solutions
    Our factories and supply partners have comprehensive road maps to provide new and exciting displays, on a regular basis.
    As soon as these products are available, Midas will produce new demonstration kits and the whole “customer introduction to displays” process can start again.