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Midas Components is a leading supplier of Display and Sensor solutions.

Our Technical Sales Team offer dedicated support to your Display and Sensor requirements, from full working Display demonstrations at your offices to recommendations for your specific applications.

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Our Engineering Department design innovative, tailored, and full custom solutions. Browse our most popular selection of products below.

Technical Services

Midas offer a UK based in-house engineering team equipped to design innovative, tailored, and fully custom solutions.

Our technical product knowledge and customer service are, we believe, unrivalled. An on-going training program ensures our staff are continually developing their knowledge and ultimately enhances the service and products we are able to provide.

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You can use our tool below to calculate the diagonal measurement based on your provided width and height values in millimeters and updates the diagonal field to your calculated value. Try it now!

Please use “Active Area” dimensions.

A UK Based Supplier of Displays & Sensors

Midas have been supporting a wide range of clients since 2000, we have over 20 years specialising in designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality display and ultrasonic sensor products, and accessories, for a broad range of applications and markets.